Thrive Your Business with Our UK Cloud Hosting Solution

Onlive Server presents you UK VPS Server Hosting with high-end performance and 100% network uptime. We understand the speed that matters is the daily performance of your website, not just a  high-speed initial setup. So our UK VPS Server Hosting Company set up cloud hosting servers with 100% SSDs. Our cloud servers are built with a network that ensures quick connection times and maximum redundancy. Our aim is to turn your slow speed websites load faster than ever.
Our UK VPS Server Hosting Price depends on the plan you choose. We have a vast array of plans for all levels of business. Opt for our reasonable VPS hosting plans for running your business projects or contact us for a custom solution. Our experts will assist you to get the right virtual server matching your needs.

UK Cloud Hosting.jpg copy

Features of Our Cloud Hosting Services:

High Availability: Our UK cloud server never falls down so you get 24/7/365 high network availability and minimum downtime for your Website.

Scalability of resources: Depending on your website( light or heavy), you can increase or decrease our cloud hosting resources like computing cores, RAM, Storage Devices according to your business requirements and pay only for the resources that you utilize.

Security: We ensure maximum safety of your personal data with a firewall safeguard, data backup solution, data encryption, world-class IT support. Your data is always protected from malicious threats and vulnerabilities.

Cost-efficiency: We deliver Cheap VPS Server Hosting in the UK. As you pay us only for the resources you make use of, it becomes a cost-effective solution for your website hosting.

Dedicated Customer Support: You get round the clock assistance with our UK VPS Server Hosting Provider. For any queries or issues regarding the server, you can reach us via telephone, email or live chat support. Your server issues are quickly fixed by our expert staff.


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